What is EACH?

This two-year Erasmus Mundus joint master’s programme, Excellence in Analytical CHemistry, focuses on analytical chemistry in the most diverse way. We educate specialists in analytical chemistry qualified to work in chemical analysis laboratories and industry in senior positions in food, pharmacy, environment, health, materials, chemical technology, etc.

Admission to EACH is open until Jan 11, 2019!

EACH blog and news

EACH intake 2016 – life after graduating

The students from the second intake of the EACH programme successfully defended their theses over the summer of 2018 (Please see here: defence at UU,  defence at AAU, and  defence […]


EACH at the Sample Treatment 2018 Conference!

On Dec 3, 2018 Ivo Leito gave a presentation at the Sample Treatment 2018 conference (Caparica, Portugal) about the EACH programme and specifically about how is sample treatment included in […]


The story of Excellence in Friendship, Traveling and Analytical Chemistry – Uppsala University

“Long may bicycle rain” “Welcome to Uppsala, the city of nature, student nations, unique tradition and a place where you can not survive if you don’t have a bicycle” is […]


The biggest development of the SI system in decades!

Today, On Nov 16, 2018 the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) unanimously decided to fundamentally remake the SI system of measurement units. Perhaps the most important change is […]


The 2019 admission to the EACH programme is open!

We are glad to announce that the 2019 admission is officially open to the 5th intake of the Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (EACH) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme! This […]