The year 2020 was anything but ordinary. The EACH programme, among many others also had to quickly adapt to the new situation and regulations dictated by the COVID pandemic. And it managed well! One of the best proofs for this is the high employability rate of the recent graduates of the EACH programme: in less than 6 months 16 out of 18 graduates have acquired a new position!

Out of the 16, nine graduates continue in the academic field by pursuing a PhD, the locations ranging from University of Tartu (Estonia) and University of Uppsala (Sweden) to Iowa State University (USA) and Hubert Curien Multidisciplinary Institute under the University of Strasbourg (France), etc. Seven graduates have secured a job and the positions range from technician at Eurofins PROXY (the Netherlands) to forensic chemist and toxicologist under the ministry of justice in Egypt and from senior engineer in materials science laboratory of Western Digital (Philippines) to quality control analyst at a pharmaceutical company in Kazhastan.

Here are the stories of some of the recent graduates:

Larissa Silva Maciel (UU study-track), currently PhD student at University of Tartu, Estonia:
The EACH programme deals with a wide variety of topics and provides excellent opportunities for the students. In the first year, not only analytical techniques are studied in theory and in practice, but also some other important aspects of analytical chemistry, such as uncertainty and statistical evaluation. One of the great experiences I had within the EACH programme was in the Measurement Science in Chemistry Summer School, where we were able to cover the aforementioned topics in two weeks and make friends from different parts of the world.
During my second year in Uppsala University, we had a lot of hands-on practice in the laboratory and studied the field of proteomics in more detail. I was really lucky to do my master’s thesis in a company, at Recipharm OnTarget Chemistry, where I worked with protein quantification in plasma. This was a completely new topic for me, and I am glad for all the knowledge I got from my supervisors. A minor part of my thesis was dedicated to the topic derivatization, which is now my PhD topic at the University of Tartu.

Helmi Ulrika Kirm (AAU study-track), currently working at Synlab, Estonia:
When I first learned about the EACH programme, I was beyond excited. This was exactly what I was looking for to continue my studies in analytical chemistry! Now, 2 years later, I can confirm that indeed, the EACH programme is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring chemists to immerse themselves into Analytical Chemistry, learning from leading experts all around the world.
By having a strong basis set during the first year at University of Tartu, the second year at Åbo Akademi allows to learn further about the vast world of modern electrochemistry and consolidate the principles of analytical chemistry learned during the first year. I am truly grateful for having been part of the programme.
The programme’s reach does not stop at Chemistry – graduating during a pandemic was difficult, yet I managed start my career at a microbiology lab, proving that the EACH programme is appreciated beyond the chemistry field as well.

Hark Karkee (UU study-track), currently PhD student at Iowa State University, USA
EACH programme is an excellently created programme to produce skilled personnel for current and future job market. I have achieved more than I had expected, and this programme has redefined, reshaped and recalibrated me. This exemplar programme has instilled the basic ethos of analytical chemistry and research despite my divergent precedent.
In this programme, apart from a few mandatory courses you can register to as many courses as you want and can learn as much as you want. The top-notch teaching faculties are on par with cutting-edge laboratory facilities. The chance to choose your second-year study track at the end of first semester (during WINTER SCHOOL) is very helpful to get actual preference and achieve your goals. The Winter School is one of the most exciting things of EACH programme which I will remember forever. It gives you chance learn many interesting things in great ambience, and also you have a lot of fun with all the first year and second year students together with EACH programme coordinators and administrators from all four universities. I would describe EACH programme as a complete package, and you should experience this journey if you get an opportunity.

Kim Shelly Escrupulo (UCBL study-track), currently working as R&D Analytical Chemist at Cambrex Karlskoga, Sweden:
Pursuing the EACH programme was a leap of faith for me. Looking back, I am and will be forever thankful that I did. The first year at University of Tartu strengthened and upgraded my knowledge in Analytical Chemistry. The Industrial Analysis Track at UCBL provided further learning on Data Analysis, a handful of engineering principles and incorporating different analytical techniques for online analysis. After completing the degree, I was able to land in a job as R&D Analytical Chemist in a Pharma company. Thanks to the programme, I was more confident in applying positions other than my experience as a lab analyst. Aside from the technical stuff, living and studying in Tartu for a year was one of my fondest memories spent with amazing batchmates from different parts of the world. I am very grateful for the opportunity. I would recommend this programme to anybody who is interested with Chemistry- fresh graduate or with industrial experience. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

We wish all the best for the recent graduates in their new career!

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