EACH intake 2019 at AAU (from left): Miloš, Sajana (front), Jelena, Luca, Peter, Rustem

On August 17, five EACH students – Sajana, Jelena, Miloš, Luca and Rustem (see picture), defended their master’s theses at AAU. Together with Peter (see picture), who had his defence already on June 10, the biggest batch of EACH students at AAU successfully graduated from the programme.

The students worked on a variety of electroanalytical topics. The topics of the theses were the following:

  • Peter Odion Osazuwa: Synthesis of an electroconductive hydrogel in 3D printing formulation for tissue engineering.
  • Luca Guagneli: Novel design of a flow-through potentiometric sensing device.
  • Sajana Manandhar: Determination of benzoate in cranberry and lingonberry using solid contact ion selective electrode; comparison with ion chromatography
  • Rustem Rustem: Functionality of solid-contact ISEs with physically damaged ion-selective membranes: a comparison between potentiometric, coulometric and amperometric methods.
  • Miloš Selaković: Development and possible applications of a new electronic nose.
  • Jelena Volobujeva: Polymer and electrocatalytic membranes for improved selectivity of glucose biosensor.

A huge congratulation to all the new graduates of the programme and all the best in your future careers!

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