Wednesday 19.01.2022 was the last day of the Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (EACH) Winter School 2022. In spite of being shorter than usual (because of COVID, of course), it appears to have been a memorable experience for all participants. Perhaps the most unusual experience for many was jumping into ice-cold lake, directly from hot sauna! Second year students of course enjoyed very much meeting their course mates whom they had not seen for almost half a year.

The last day saw students presenting their findings from the team work of the second day short course (annotating research articles from the journal Analytical Chemistry) and a video session with EACH alumni about their life and career after graduating from EACH. Altogether ten (!) alumni participated, from all three study tracks. They gave numerous useful pieces of advice to the current EACH students about how to make most of their EACH studies and how to make oneself more competitive in the job market or for PhD studies. Needless to say – lots of questions were asked by the current students.

We were able to experience the best of Sweden – Swedish food, nature and hospitality, which was spiced up and complemented by participants’ enthusiasm!

The 2023 Winter school will take place in Lyon.

Photos: Second-year EACH students meeting (above left); EACH alumnus Jude Anthony Billones telling EACH students about his career after graduation (middle); Lake Ekoln in the evening (by Jonas Bergquist, below left).

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