EACH Winter School

The EACH Winter School 2024 will take place from January 29 to February 2, 2024, at Ruissalo Spa, Turku, Finland.

The schedule for Winter School 2024:

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Selection of photos from the EACH Winter School 2024:

Overview and materials of sessions:




Ivo Leito, Johan Bobacka

Introduction to Winter School, Practical information, Teamwork

Introduction, aims of the Winter School, practical information, visiting Turku/Åbo, teamwork

2nd year students

Master’s theses and life at 2nd year universities

Overview of the thesis topics and current status of the 2nd year students at UU, AAU and UCBL, as well as about practicalities of life and studies at 2nd year universities

Angelo Robiños, Naela Delmo, Luca Guagneli

Presentations by EACH alumni

What are EACH alumni engaged in, after graduating from EACH?

Dr. Noémie Caillol, Dr. Franck Baco-Antoniali

Industrial analysis and process control

Trends and needs for online spectroscopic analysis for R&D. The Axel’One Platform.

Student teams

Student team presentations

Presentations of student teams about measurements with ion-selective electrodes and about discovering Turku/Åbo

Anu Teearu, Ivo Leito

Closing session, some practical information

Closing remarks, thanks, practical information

General information:

Every year, Winter School (WS) is held in the second half of January (duration: approximately 1 week). EACH programme Winter School usually takes place in one of the four countries: Estonia, Sweden, Finland, or France. It includes (1) short courses on novel and timely topics of analytical chemistry and metrology in chemistry delivered by external scholars, including individual/group work by students; (2) presentations by second-year students on the progress of their master theses and their life at the second-year university; (3) teamwork on solving analytical problems, and (4) discussions and interviews for selecting 1st year students to study-tracks. All consortium students participate in the WS.

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