It seems like a lecture, but it is actually a test, UT

28.9.2010, Åbo Akademi University

Chromatography gurus H. McNair and S. Fuchs delivering a seminar at the Institute of Chemistry, UT

Chromatography guru H. McNair with students, UT

AMS Seminar 20.03.2010, UT

Presentation about Titaniumdioxide Thin Films AMS Seminar 20.03.2010, UT

University Graduation in the Assembly hall, UT

Students in front of University Main Building, UT

Student Days Boat Rally, UT

Hallisbyn, Åbo Akademi University

The Student Village, Åbo Akademi University

Månbron, Åbo Akademi University

Senior research fellow Ivari Kaljurand making acidity measurements in anhydrous acetonitrile. The glovebox that he uses allows to maintain very dry and oxygen-free atmosphere (argon gas is used), which is essential for such masurements, UT

Student in a Practical Chemical Analyses lab course

Student in Practical Chemical Analyses Lab Course, UT

Students in Lab, UT

Exchange student Aline Trosset studying ion-selective, Åbo Akademi University

President of Estonia in Chemicum opening

President of Estonia in Chemicum opening, UT

Chemicums lobby

Chemicum, UT

Practical Chemical Analyses lab course

Practical Chemical Analyses lab course, UT

Practical Chemical Analyses lab course

Practical Chemical Analyses lab course, UT

Biosensor team: Prof. Ari Ivaska, student Maija Blomquist, Åbo Akademi University

Exchange students Rafael Hernandez and Warunya Boonjob, Åbo Akademi University

FT-ICR mass spectrometer – the most sophisticated analytical instrument in our laboratories, UT

Injecting a sample into a gas chromatograph. Like with medical injection – it looks simple but actually needs some skills, UT

LC-MS is the workhorse of modern analytical chemistry: pesticides, drugs, mycotoxins, etc are determined with it, UT

Student at work in a lab course at Uppsala University

Picture collage from the MSC Euromaster Summer schools during 2008-2010 where AMS students have participated

Student festivities at Uppsala University

Students in the middle of “Columns of Knowledge” at Uppsala University

Scientific discussion continues at the cafeteria (Uppsala University)


Jérôme Randon teaching working group



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