In the morning of the fourth Winter school day (24.01.19) Dr. Franck Baco-Antoniali from EACH associated partner Axel’One gave an overview of the specifics of industrial analysis and process control and its differences from the traditional chemical analysis. In some cases the differences are dramatic.

The next session was dedicated to presentations from student teams on their glucose measurement projects. Students measured glucose with three different systems – two commercial blood glucometers and an amperometric system built on site. The results of glucose measurements in blood agreed very well between the two commercial meters.
Typical results were 5.4 vs 5.3 mM; 6.1 vs 5.8 mM; 5.4 vs 5.6 mM; 5.6 vs 5.0 mM, etc. All these values are very realistic for a healthy organism. The results of the self-made meter gave dramatically – by 2-4 times – underestimated results. The reason is quite clear: the commercial meters are calibrated specifically for blood, taking into account all matrix effects. At the same time, the self-made meter was calibrated with simple solution of glucose. So, it was a very good demonstration of the importance of matrix match when calibrating.

We thank all participants for the enjoyable winter school experience!

The next EACH Winter school will take place in Estonia.

(Photos: top left: Franck Baco-Antoniali showing his collaboration partners in industry; right and bottom: student teams presenting their results)


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