Scholarships and tuition fees

The EACH programme offers study-places with Erasmus Mundus (EM) scholarships funded by the European Commission and tuition-waiver (TW) scholarships funded by the consortium.

The admission committee of the EACH programme will create a ranking of applicants (verified by the EU Commission) based on their final score achieved during admission (see more information in the section Admission information). All applicants are automatically considered for the EM and TW scholarships – an additional application is not required.

Applicants from the programme countries (27 EU member states, and UK, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Iceland, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia) as well as from the partner countries (all other countries) can apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarships. The number of partner and programme country scholarships is limited and will be allocated to the best-ranked students. The EM scholarship covers the tuition fee (including insurance), and includes monthly allowances, travel contribution, and, if applicable, installation contribution (see below for more details). The number of EM scholarships for the intake of 2023 will be 13 (10 partner country and 3 programme country scholarships). Please note that the admission committee has the right to increase the number of scholarships to be awarded during one intake, if needed.

In addition, the EACH consortium offers tuition waiver scholarships. These scholarships cover the tuition fee (excluding insurance). See below for more details. The number of TW scholarships will be announced at the end of the year.

In addition, students who do not have the EU scholarship can apply for some other scholarships. Please also see the FAQ 15 in the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

In addition to study-places covered with EM or TW scholarship the EACH programme also offers tuition-fee based study places for intake 2023.

Scholarship amounts in the EACH programmea

1. EM scholarships funded by the EU

a Please be aware that only applicants who have submitted all the required documents by the requested deadlines will be considered for the scholarships.

b  The tuition fee includes insurance that covers the following: health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, insurance against theft or loss of documents, supplementary assistance insurance, and round-the-clock support service. The insurance provider is Aon.

c  Programme country students are applicants holding the citizenship of one of the 27 EU member states, UK, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Iceland, Republic of North Macedonia, or Serbia. Programme country students are also applicants not coming from the above-mentioned countries but who have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in the above-mentioned countries. The five-year reference period for this 12-month rule is calculated backward from the application submission deadline. Partner countries are all other countries not listed under programme countries.

The monthly allowance cannot be paid for scholarship holders for the study-period spent in their country of permanent residence (e.g. students from Estonia will not be eligible for the monthly allowance during their studies in UT).

The final number of months during which the scholarship is paid depends on the graduation date.

f Residency during the time of submitting the application. The distance calculator can be found here.

2. TW scholarship funded by the EACH consortium:

As stated above, the EACH consortium offers a number of tuition waivers that cover the tuition fee (insurance not included) for the two-year programme. For students with the citizenship of one of the programme countries, the tuition fee is 4500 EUR/year and for students with the citizenship of a partner country, it is 9000 EUR/year (please see the Tuition fees section below for more details).

General rules for partner and programme country scholarships

  • According to the rules of the EU, at least 75% of the scholarships funded by the EU will be awarded to students from partner countries and up to 25% of the scholarships funded by the EU will be awarded to students from programme countries. The tuition waiver scholarships are independent of the EU Erasmus+ programme.
  • Students applying for a partner or programme country scholarship are not allowed to submit a scholarship application to more than three EU funded consortia.
  • Students who have already obtained an Erasmus Mundus Master Course scholarship are not eligible to apply for an additional scholarship under Erasmus+ programme Joint Master Degree (JMD) action.
  • Students benefiting from a partner or programme country scholarship cannot benefit from another EU grant while pursuing their studies in an Erasmus Mundus JMD.

Tuition fees:

We charge from partner country students the fee of 9000 EUR per annum and from programme country students 4500 EUR per annum. The EM partner and programme country scholarships, as well as the tuition waivers cover the tuition fee. If the number of qualifying applicants is larger than the number of available scholarships, the consortium offers some fee-based study places. Students wishing to be enrolled in those study places will have to pay the tuition fee according to their status as programme or partner country student.

The tuition fee covers:

1. Tuition throughout the programme and essential study materials (including the language courses and winter school);

2. Orientation course and reception upon arrival to the first- and second-year universities;

3. Ongoing support service and counselling by the international student services by the first- and second-year universities;

4. Tutors/student assistant who help with everyday issues like settling in the dormitory, registering for classes, getting medical help, etc.;

5. Insurance including health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, insurance against theft or loss of documents, supplementary assistance insurance, and round-the-clock support service that is valid during studies in the EACH programme (not covered in the case of tuition-waiver scholarship nomination). The tuition fee does not cover accommodation in the dormitory, meals, travel costs required for the mobilities, living expenses, or other costs.

Paying the tuition fee:

  • EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are required to pay the fee for the first semester once they arrive in Tartu (by 20 September at the latest after signing the fee contract, please read more here). 

Admitted students from other countries are required to pre-pay half of the first semester’s tuition fee after they have been informed of their admission decision (have received an offer) via DreamApply. Second part of the fee is due on 20 September. The invoice along with the pre-payment deadline and payment details will be sent to applicants via DreamApply. NB! The official admission letter (necessary for visa application) will only be issued once the University of Tartu has received the pre-payment.

Last modified: September 21, 2022