What is EACH?

This two-year Erasmus Mundus joint master’s programme, Excellence in Analytical CHemistry, focuses on analytical chemistry in the most diverse way. The graduates are qualified to work in chemical analysis laboratories and industry, in senior positions in food, pharmacy, environment, health, materials, chemical technology, etc. Video on the left is about UT, the 1st year university. See also the humorous memories about life in Tartu from the 2018 intake of EACH students.

EACH blog and news

On-line LC-MS Method Validation Course 2019-2020: Registration is open!

We are glad to announce that the fourth edition of the online course LC-MS Method Validation is open for registration at the address https://sisu.ut.ee/lcms_method_validation/ ! The course will be offered […]


Minireview on pKa values of bases in non-aqueous solvents

In a recent minireview, published in Eur. J. Org. Chem. an important part of our group’s acid-base chemistry research has been summarized: the pKa values of bases (pKaH values) determined […]


EACH Master Thesis Defence: Lyon 2019!

On September 5, 2019 the master thesis defence took place at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL). Mark Justine Zapanta, Giorgi Tsiklauri, Daniela Pinto Pérez, Yijiao Yao, Jovana Petrovic, Irina […]


EACH Master Thesis Defence: Åbo 2019!

On August 19, 2019 the master thesis defence session of the third intake of the EACH programme took place at Åbo Akademi University (AAU)! Jose Antonio Wrzosek Cabrera, Davit Tediashvili […]


The 2019 intake of AMS and EACH students started their studies!

This week is the first study week for the new students of Applied Measurement Science and EACH Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme. Altogether 21 students started their studies. The countries of […]