On Thursday, September 1st 2022, five EACH students at UCBL defended their master’s theses.

During the last semester, Viktoriia, Thuong, Yu-Yen, Noemae, and Pamela (see picture) worked on their master’s theses at different industrial institutions such as Axel’One, Servier, Elkem Silicones, and IFPEN. As usual, the topics of the theses the students worked on, were related to the interests of the industry needs, and combined analysis approaches with data management and methodological optimization.

From left: Thuong, Yu-Yen, Pamela, Noemae, Viktoriia

The students defended the following topics:

Viktoriia Turkina – Proton low-field NMR combined with chemometrics for the prediction of various properties of distillated petroleum cuts for monitoring hydrocracking processes;

Thuong Hoai Nguyen – Study of different techniques for total chlorine and water content online analyses in organic effluents;

Yu-Yen Ting – Transportation and adsorption of metallic ions on mesoporous solids: application in heterogeneous catalysis and water decontamination;

Pamela Rivera Rivera – Feasibility study of NIR and Raman spectroscopy for the quantitation of SiH on silicone oil volatiles and storage tank concentration measurement by data fusion.

The topic of Noemae Enriquez Lim thesis was related to industrial process monitoring (the exact contents of the work are confidential).

We wish all the best to our most recent graduates!

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