The educational section of a leading analytical chemistry journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, the ABCs of Education and Professional Development in Analytical Science has published a paper about the EACH programme: EACH (Excellence in Analytical Chemistry), an Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme: progress and success ( The paper gives a comprehensive overview about the programme, including a detailed overview of the topics taught in the different study-tracks, extra activities, such as internship and winter school, but also, why is it necessary to have such a programme like EACH, and how to be a part of the EACH experience.


Impact of EACH – map of countries where EACH students of intakes 2015-2018 are coming from

The paper also has a section about the impact of the EACH programme – with the four years that the programme has accepted students, it has reached a lot of countries and the employability rate of the graduates is very high.


In September this year, the fifth intake of EACH students will start their studies and we are very happy to welcome each and every one of them to our programme!

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