On June 10, 2019 the master thesis defence of the third cohort of the EACH programme took place at Uppsala University! Angelique Sanchez Dafun, Diana Visanu, Allen Jun Penez Anies, Mohan Ghorasaini, Shidong Chen, Fadillah Putri Patria and Daniel Papp successfully defended their master’s theses.

Congratulations to all of you!

The topics of the theses embraced a wide area of modern biomed- and environmental analytical problems – LC-MS analysis marine biotoxins in mussels, determining of triacylglyceride regioisomers in rat liver; isotope exchange and supercharging techniques in MS etc. All of them featured the use of highly sophisticated analytical instrumentation, such as UPLC, UPC2, different designs of mass spectrometers, etc. This choice of topics is largely directed by the world-famous biomedical analysis research direction at Uppsala University led by prof. Jonas Bergquist.

The average quality level of the theses was found to be very high by the defence committee members.

(On photo from left: Allen, Daniel, Angelique, Ivo, Fadillah, Diana, Shidong, Mohan, Jonas)


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