On Jan 21, 2019, the fourth Winter School of the EACH programme started in Åbo/Turku (Finland). Altogether 37 students from more than 20 countries participate.

The Winter School offers a diverse set of activities to the participants. There are lectures on advanced analytical chemistry topics (metabolomics, non-targete screening in environmental chemistry, industrial analysis and process control, etc) by top experts, group works and entertainment. The intense working is counterbalanced by social activities – swimmming pool, skating, etc.

Traditionally an important activity in the Winter school is selecting first year students to study tracks. In order to give one more piece of information what the study tracks are about, there was a session of presentations on the first day by second year students on their master thesis topics (see photos). Another exciting session planned in the Winter school is related to using electrochemical sensors in real life: hands-on session on using amperometric glucose sensors.Full information about the Winter School activities is available at the EACH Winter School web page.

Photos: Uppsala (top left), Lyon (right) and Åbo (bottom left) students presenting about their life and studies.

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