Lukas Ramašauskas (EACH 2022 graduate) wrote about his experience with the EACH programme.

“The last two years were like a roller coaster for me. Changing the field from biotechnology to analytical chemistry was rather challenging and successful at the same time. During these two years, I obtained two master’s degrees in analytical chemistry at Uppsala University and the University of Tartu with a help of an international programme called Excellence in Analytical Chemistry. In addition, I completed two internships mainly working with LC-MS/MS at Q-linea and RECIPHARM OT CHEMISTRY AB in Sweden, wrote the master thesis titled “Analytical method and formulation development for Gram-negative antibiotics intended for antimicrobial susceptibility discs” and changed the living place TWO TIMES. The people I met, and the struggles I faced made me rethink my values and future goals, taught me how to adapt and be more versatile and open-minded. It was a very fruitful period of my life!!!

I would like to thank first and foremost Ivo LeitoAnu Teearu-Ojakäär, and others who gave me this opportunity to study analytical chemistry. RECIPHARM OT CHEMISTRY ABLucia Kovac for giving me the opportunity for the first time to work independently with LC-MS instruments. Q-lineaClaudia Patriarca, and Amjad Alhalaweh for warm environment to work, encouraging words, and unforgettable lessons. However, my journey does not end here. In July I am joining DSM in Basel Switzerland as an Associate Scientist. Couldn’t be more excited and thankful to DSM and the bioanalytical team for this great opportunity. Here are some memories from this journey.”

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