UT_Students_at_the _MSC_Summer_School_2019On Saturday 20.07.2019 The MSC Euromaster Summer School 2019 (Lyon, France) finished. It was the 12th summer school of the Measurement Science in Chemistry consortium.

The hallmark of the MSC Summer schools is “learning by doing” and combining learning with fun, meeting new people and sharing experience. The feedback from the Tartu participants is below and it indicates that organizing these Summer schools it is worth the effort!




Larissa Silva Maciel:
The summer school exceeded all my expectations! Apart from getting a real-life problem in the laboratory, we were able to learn more about the standard ISO17025 and also practice our abilities on auditing. Additionally, we were in touch with many nationalities and were able to work in a multicultural team. I will always remember this experience!



Dariya Tukhmetova:
I highly recommend the summer school for future participants. No matter student of specialist, everyone can get new knowledge/skill from the summer school. Moreover, meeting new friends and sharing experience is very valuable. The school’s content covers major aspects of the measurement process in chemical lab: developing and validating testing procedure, calculating uncertainty, complying with standard. Also, it improves soft skills (communication, team building, conflict solving, time management, team leading)



Marvy Girgis:
Although the summer school has finished, the memories, experience and skills that I have acquired will last years to come. After having theoretical lectures about accreditation, metrology and method validation , I put this experience into practice through developing a method in the lab, validating it and calculating the uncertainty of measurement to meet certain customer requirements together with my team. Also, I have learned a lot about ISO 17025:2017 in addition to visiting an accredited lab in Lyon. It wasn’t about the result but more about the process and how to do it. Moreover, meeting people from different countries and cultures was really invaluable and I had so much fun with all of them. In short, I am really grateful that I have participated in this school and certainly recommend it for anyone studying or working in the field of chemical analysis.



Nhung Dang Thi Hong:
Summer school is of my best experiences in Europe. It is stressful and enjoyable at the same time. The school is a great place to learn and practice metrology in chemistry, ISO standard. Also, the practical laboratory project is a highlight of the school, in which you apply the knowledge you have learnt to the “real-life” situation.
You probably would feel overwhelming at first because of an intense schedule full of lectures, group work, online tasks, lab work and reports. But you don’t need to face it all by yourself; you will be in a group with people from different background, experience and culture. And believe me, in every single task, you can always find the happiness and memorable moments. (On the photo: Nhung, sitting in the middle, with her team-mates)



Jeewan Babu Rijal:
The summer school started with a reception which was very welcoming and we get to know each other, all the professors and students from different Universities and also analytical chemists from different countries all had lot many things to share and we had lot many things to learn.
Summer School is more about learning and applying the learning in “the analytical game”. It can be stressful sometimes but you need to learn to find fun while doing your work. The creation of a virtual lab, developing a method, validating, analyzing a given sample, calculating uncertainties measuring all the required data for it by yourself and participating in Proficiency Testing was challenging but a great experience. In addition, ISO 17025 was also explained in detail in the e-course which goes along the group work. We also learned about auditing a lab and then visited water analyzing lab in Lyon where we tried to see how is it done by doing ourself. But it was not just about stress, the visit to the Mont Blanc and get at the top of Europe was an amazing experience. The view from there was overwhelming. The summer school closing party was an awesome moment which will make us nostalgic for a long period of time.


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