I was that lucky person, who got accepted to EACH program in 2016. And by saying lucky – I mean it. EACH was not only a kick-off point in my career, but it was a life changing experience.

Our journey began in Tartu. There we had a very good life. We were well taken care of, living was easy and fun. All the professors were extremely nice and respectful towards each of us. This first year gave me very good basics of analytical chemistry, uncertainties, and chemometrics.  It helped me a lot along the way and up to now. Measurement uncertainty online course is an absolute must! Everything is explained in a very understandable way. For me, this course was my salvation to uncover the mystery of uncertainties.


And here comes Uppsala! Us, students, spoiled by the life in Tartu, Uppsala hit like a huge wave of hard and non-stopping marathon of work. We had only one course at the time. But we were going deeply into theory and then putting our knowledge into the practice in our daily lab work. Our routine mode back then was “lab work – writing report – repeat”. It was a lot of work, but on the other hand – a lot of experience. We had our hands on such instruments like ICP-AES, HPLC, GC, MS, MALDI, etc.  For analytical chemist, this place is called paradise. And it was also the perfect time to find yourself and your place in this area.

Group work was a big part of our studies here. Basically, each person’s workload was heavily dependent on other people. Therefore, good teamwork was the key to success. I was lucky to have the best group ever! During that time we supported and helped each other. Making a cup of coffee definitely counts!

But don’t get scared! This work pays off afterward with all the acquired knowledge. After this program, I can certainly say that I am confident in myself, as an analytical chemist, and in my skills.  Now I am working in Gothenburg, Sweden, at AstraZeneca as an Analytical Scientist. Due to my experience from these studies, I could easily join the ongoing work.

But Uppsala is not only about the studies! This city is known as the city of bikes and Student Nations. I had always thought that I would never ride a bike during rain/ snow/ cold. Well… This was the time to disprove this truth. In Uppsala, biking is the main way to navigate yourself in the city, no matter if it’s raining or your hands are totally freezing. We were living in the student area called Flogsta. In the beginning, you can think that Flogsta itself and the room you live in is very plain and not cozy at all. But it’s not about the room – it’s about the people and atmosphere you create in it. Just a little bit of imagination, heart and, of course, FRIENDS – and wuola – you have the best room in the world that will recover your soul from any negativity it may have compiled over the time.

Looking back right now, it’s even hard to explain how much EACH program has turned my life upside down. I met amazing people during this time and I had an experience I never thought I would have. But the most important – I love what I do, I love where I am and I am proud to be a part of EACH alumni.

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