Marko Bertic, an EACH graduate from intake 2016 reflects on life in Lyon:

Immediately after arriving in France, I realized that all the classes I took in Tartu would be used in one way or another. Already on the first day, the French administration showed its true face. Only for entering the dorm room, it was necessary to go to at least three different offices to fill out some forms (all the forms are conversations were in French). This trend continued through the whole year I spent in Lyon.
After some days of adaptation to a new environment, I started discovering the city and right away fell in love with its architecture, cafes and its position between 2 rivers, Rhône and Saone. Moreover, having a croissant or a pain au chocolate (chocolatine, if you wish – this is real issue in France how you call it) with coffee and a lot of cheese for other meals made me forget about all the drawbacks of administration and language limitations.

Geographical position of Lyon is great as well. It is only 2 hours from Paris and Marseille by a high-speed train TGV and 2 hours by bus to Genève in Switzerland.

Living in the student dormitory had its advantages since I needed about 5 min walking to the lectures, and yes, in France lectures are OBLIGATORY. Even though because sometimes on the lectures there were only a few international students and some professors were forgetting to speak and teach in English. It was rather a constant battle. Apart from the obligatory lectures, there were no midterm exams in general. Because of this, all the final exams were squeezed in one week (that’s right, approximately 1-2 exams per day).

Second semester gave me a great opportunity to do a 6 months’ internship in French company in industry. For me this was the best part of choosing France as a second year country. Furthermore, we were paid for this period (another positive of this study track). Working in the company was again a challenge since not all the people there spoke English, so our French skills came to the fore one more time. This period of about 1 year made us integrate into the French society and I can say for sure we are all at least 20 % French now.

À bientôt

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