The year 2021 proved to be as difficult as 2020. Nevertheless, the recent graduates of EACH prove that the programme is well designed for a career boost. One of the best arguments for this is the high employability rate of the EACH graduates of 2021 – in less than 6 months after graduation 12 out of 15 most recent alumni have secured a new position!

As usual, the EACH graduates continue their careers in, both, academia and the world of work. Seven graduates of 2021 have by now secured a job. The acquired positions range from engineer at Wintershall Dea (Germany), analytical chemist at BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery (Israel) and at EnginZyme (Sweden) to R&D scientist at Glucomodicum company (Finland) and research scientist at J. Molner Company (Estonia). Five of the recent graduates are pursuing PhD, e.g., at Uppsala University (Sweden), ETH Zürich (Switzerland), Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology (Germany), and University of Delaware (USA).

Here is what some of our recent graduates have to say about the EACH programme:


Anh Hai Vu (UU study-track), currently PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany:

For me, the EACH programme is perfectly designed for those who are, or want to become analytical chemists. After two years, I have not only acquired a solid foundation of analytical chemistry through well-organized and inspiring lectures but also obtained hands-on experience in diverse analytical techniques. Besides, by joining the EACH programme, I was fortunate enough to live in two European countries and learn from amazing people all over the world, which extensively expanded my knowledge about different cultures and greatly enhanced my communication skills.

I would say, participating in the EACH programme is an important stepping stone on my academic career path and indeed, what I have learned from EACH already enabled me to secure a PhD position in the field of biochemistry before my graduation. This is proving that the knowledge and the skills that the EACH programme equipped us with could open up career opportunities not only in the analytical chemistry area, but also in other fields of science that require the expertise in state-of-the-art analytical techniques.

The day I got accepted to the EACH programme was, and will always be a dream come true for me. It has totally changed my life and I am really grateful for being a part of EACH family.


Luca Guagneli (AAU study-track), now working as R&D scientist at Glucomodicum company (Finland):

The EACH programme is a two-year journey that puts you in contact with highly skilled people. You will become a competent analytical chemist, and at the same time you will have the possibility to meet interesting people from all over the world. The curricula are extensive and the diversity of the second-year tracks gives added value to the programme. This diversity ensures the development of knowledge and skills that open several possibilities for your future career.

The year in the University of Tartu provided an overall deep view of the field of analytical chemistry. The AAU study track gave me a comprehensive expertise in the field of electrochemistry and sensors that was a strong base for my current position in the R&D field, which was secured and commenced before my graduation from EACH. I am glad for all the time spent with the EACH family, and I strongly recommend this experience to everybody!


Jude Anthony Billones (UCBL study-track), secured a position at Wintershall Dea as engineer:

Having backgrounds in Chemical and Process Automation Engineering, the EACH programme helped me bridge the gap between analytical quality control and process automation in the industry. Being in this programme greatly broadened my skillset – from knowledge regarding process design related to sampling and analysis, to data treatment and modelling for process control systems application. The EACH-UCBL study-track really prepares you for whichever career path you want to pursue after the Master. 

After graduation, main career prospects for me are in the field of R&D and Process Automation. Graduating from the EACH programme gave me strengths for positions in these fields because: (1) R&D companies highly appreciate candidates with a strong background of high-throughput industrial processes, and (2) Automation Engineer positions value knowledge about analytical techniques and sensors for Advanced Process Control (APC) applications.

At the end of the day, the EACH programme played a huge role in building my competencies. Taking up this programme is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made in my life.


Michał Kaczmarek (UU study-track), currently as an analytical chemist at BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery (Israel):

The EACH programme has an enormous value both for my career as well as my personal life. Its curriculum challenges students to integrate the theory behind analytical chemistry with hands-on laboratory practice, creating a comfortable environment to develop as academics and industry professionals. In addition, EACH, bringing so many backgrounds across the world, teaches the importance of networking, understanding other cultures and different viewpoints. 

During my first year at the University of Tartu (UT), I have been impressed with the breadth of the information about contemporary analytical topics, the passion, and the commitment of academic staff that is ready to answer any arising questions within the courses and beyond. The next chapter at Uppsala University (UU) allowed me to fully focus on the use of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. Hence, I very much enjoyed being able to incorporate my previous work experience in forensic toxicology and the skills acquired throughout the first year at UT with the master’s thesis project, translating to a deeper understanding and greater passion for the subject matter.

After completion of the EACH programme, the graduate clearly demonstrates to be capable of performing independent research in an international environment, which surely strengthens the CV and improves chances of securing a position in almost any chemical branch associated with analytical science. By way of example, after the UT-UU study track, I have received a couple of job and PhD offers in various fields, like pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, forensic chemistry, ecotoxicology, or proteomics. 

I can’t be grateful enough for all the opportunities that EACH has opened up for me and I am excited to see what it will bring to future graduates.

We wish all the best to our recent graduates in their new careers!

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