On August 26, 2022, six EACH students – Angelo, Majid, Naela, Raegan, Bojidar, and Paulo (see picture), successfully defended their master theses at Åbo Akademi University (AAU), Finland.

The electroanalytical topics the students worked on were traditional to AAU study-track and varied from testing new materials for sensors to method development for electrochemical measurements.

The EACH students of AAU from intake 2020 with their supervisors. Front row, from left: Raegan, Bojidar, Naela, John Paulo; second row: Angelo (middle), and Majid (right).

The topics of the theses were the following:
Majid Ali Saad Al-Waeel – Electrochemical mediator material for glucose biosensors;
Raegan Danielle Chambers – Preparation and characterization of a gold nanoparticle/graphene composite for the electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose;
Naela Villanueva Delmo – Novel experimental set-up for coulometric signal transduction in ion-selective electrodes;
Bojidar Mandjukov – Development of a procedure for fabrication of cheap, flexible, laminated reference electrodes and ion-selective electrodes
John Paulo Samin – Removal of calcium from industrial-grade magnesium sulfate solution
The topic of Angelo Laab Robiños’ work was also related to sensors, but the exact contents of the thesis are confidential.

Huge congratulations to all the new graduates of the programme and all the best in your future careers!

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