Anthony, Mananchaya, Adrian, Lovely Kris on defence day at UCBL

On September 2nd, 2021, master’s students at UCBL defended their theses. Among the students were also the EACH students from the UCBL study-track: Lovely Kris Acuram, Adrián Venegas Reynoso, and Jude Anthony Billones (see picture) who succesfully defendeid their theses (Mananchaya is still working on her thesis).

During the semester preceding the defense, the students worked on their master’s theses at industrial institutions such as Axel’One, Servier, and Elkem. The topics of the theses were strongly related to the interests of the above-mentioned institutions: e.g., “Application of near-infrared spectroscopy for on-line monitoring of moisture in pharmaceutical powders at different process points” and “On-line monitoring of calcium carbonate crystallization in gas hydrate inhibitor system by spatially resolved spectroscopy sensor”.

We wish all the best to our most recent graduates!

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