EACH Winter School 2016

The EACH Winter School 2016 took place in Estonia, in Pühajärve spa.


Winter school 2016 programme:



Overview of sessions and tasks:



Task for students


Ivo Leito

Introduction, practical notes, photos, closure, etc

Each team has to take a photo accompanied
by a text describing your emotions about the Winter school or EACH programme
in general, alternatively, it can also be a short video (teamwork)

Send to Ivo by Jan 29 morning

Jonas Bergquist, Johan Bobacka, Jerome

about EACH study tracks



Franck Baco-Antoniali, Jerome Randon

and analysis

Finding a suitable analysis method for a
particular analysis problem (teamwork)

To be presented during Winter school (Thu, Jan 28)

Reiner Salzer

and Careers of Chemists in Europe

Each student writes her/his application
for a given job (individual work)

Writing starts during the session,
letters to be sent to Ivo by Feb 8, 2016

Teemu Näykki

analysis with sensors

Which kind of crowdsourcing-type sensors
(chemical or physical) would you like to have in your everyday personal life?
What would you measure and how would the sensors work (in principle)? (teamwork,
see file Task_Sensors+in+everyday+life.pdf)

To be presented during Winter school (Thu, Jan 28)

Irja Helm, Lauri Jalukse, Teemu Näykki

oxygen intercomparison

Treatment of the intercomparison data

Data to be analysed during the Winter
school and presented at the end

Ülo Niinemets, Rinaldo Anni, Kaia Kask

climate and analytical chemistry

Data analysis of chromatograms and mass
spectra (individual or teamwork, depending on situation)

Data analysed during the session


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