On Jan 17, 2022, the fifth Winter School of the Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (EACH) programme started in the Krusenberg Manor, at the outskirts of Uppsala (Sweden). Altogether 28 students from 17 countries participate.
In spite of the continuing COVID pandemic, it was decided to make face-to-face Winter School this year. However, it is shorter and smaller in scope than it has usually been. Nevertheless it offers two interesting study activities: the lecture about developments in industrial analysis and process control by Dr. Franck Baco-Antoniali and a highly interesting lecture-seminar about modern approaches of finding/systematizing/analyzing scientific information by prof. Magnus Palmblad, followed by team work and presentations by teams on the same topics.

Traditionally an important activity in the Winter school is selecting first year students to study tracks. In order to give one more piece of information what the study tracks are about, there was a session of presentations on the first day by second year students on their master thesis topics.

In the evening there were additional discussions between first- and second-year students and professors in three groups (Uppsala, Åbo, Lyon). The day ended with Sauna. And of course, the Winter School is the place where the 2nd students meet again their course mates who have chosen different study tracks.

Photos: Group photo (top left); Professor Jonas Bergquist introducing the 2022 EACH Winter School (top right); 2nd year Uppsala students presenting about their life and studies at Uppsala (bottom left); Discussion between first year students considering the Lyon study track and the second year Lyon students and professors (bottom right).

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