Industrial analysis and process control

Students following this study track will spend their second year at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. This study track includes modules in industrial analysis and French language.

Students installing sensors and analytical devices on industrial pilot
Students installing sensors and analytical devices on industrial pilot

In the EACH programme, the Lyon’s study track is best suited to students who have studied or are interested in applying their analytical chemistry knowledge and skills to an industrial production environment.

Industrial analysis is a major challenge for companies both from a manufacturing point of view and from a research and development perspective. It is not easy for industrial employers and analytical equipment manufacturers to recruit a manager with the right competencies in the field of industrial analysis, because there is currently a lack of high-level advanced courses available in industrial and process analytical chemistry.

Students working on an industrial pilot
Students working on an industrial pilot

This study track of the EACH programme is planned to help fill this gap. This study track is strongly supported by our close relationships with our industrial partners where industrial placements will be part of the programme and will be focused on case studies.

This study track will give the students the following specific knowledge and skills:

  1. comprehensive understanding of industrial and process analytical chemistry and its main differences from the laboratory analytical chemistry;
  2. knowledge of the fundamentals and skills in usage of the main analytical techniques (spectroscopic, mass-spectrometric, chromatographic), including in an industrial production environment;
  3. understanding of the main concepts and requirements of process engineering;
  4. knowledge and skills in sampling, especially applied to process engineering;
  5. knowledge of, and experience, of working under a quality management system;
  6. fluency in the use of IT solutions as applied to manufacturing;
  7. risk management, health and safety issues, legislation.

The hands-on studies will take place at the production facilities of our French industrial partners.

Mass spectrometry analysis - Research laboratory
Mass spectrometry analysis – Research laboratory

Possible employment:

  • Production and processing units in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industry
  • Industrial process development
  • Scientific instrument development and manufacturing
  • Industrial safety, health protection
  • Technical sales
  • Professional consultancy

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Last modified: October 26, 2021