On Friday 22.07.2022 The MSC Euromaster Summer School 2022 (Chęciny, Poland) finished. It was the 15th summer school of the Measurement Science in Chemistry consortium.

The hallmark of the MSC Summer schools is “learning by doing” and combining learning with fun, meeting new people and sharing experience. The feedback from the Tartu participants is below and it indicates that organizing these Summer schools it is worth the effort!

Dennisse Avella:
If I am asked about the summer school in Checiny: I would definitely recommend it, it was perfect.
How amazing it was to wake up surrounded by nature, learn about measurement-related topics and the ISO17025 guidelines, then apply these concepts to a practical project, and during this process, interact with students and professors from other universities.
Such a beautiful experience I would say!

Le Minh Dinh:
I was impressed by the organization of the summer school in Poland this year: the location; the study programme; the food;… I had chance to approach basic knowledges about ISO/IEC 17025 and learn how to apply them in practice. The thing I liked most was the part about acting as a real analytical laboratory, which improved my laboratory skills as well as teamwork and communication skills. This 2-week summer school is really interesting and much memorable for me.

Hien Le Thi Kim:
The course is well-organized, approachable, and informative. My favorite section of the course is Decision Rules and Conformity Assessment. I had never learned it before this course. I think it is helpful and practicing for the analytical chemist.

Divisha Saxena:
First of all, I am really grateful to you to give me this opportunity to attend the summer school at Chęciny. The last two weeks, have been one of the best weeks of my life here in Europe. I met many amazing people from all over the world and especially the experts of Analytical Chemistry and Metrology, who were our professors here. We spent a lot of time together, from lectures and labs to having dinners with these professors gave me a new perspective to life.

I learnt so many new things at the school, which covers the in depth knowledge of ISO17025, concepts of Metrology including Validation, Uncertainty estimation, Conformity statement, Decision rules etc. Besides this, the school improved my soft skills too; team work, time management, presentation skills and public speaking to mention a few. There were many activities planned in a way to help us use our knowledge in a practical way such as Group work to validate a method and present results along with uncertainty and conformity statement, Auditing workshop, visit to mobile lab etc.

Lastly, I would like to say I would certainly recommend the prospective students to go for this summer school. It is a great opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. The study load was manageable and the professors were always there to help us. I believe the things I learnt at the summer school which help me in the long run in my career.

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