On June 14th, 2021, six EACH students from the Uppsala study track successfully defended their master’s theses.

The scope of the defended topics ranged from developing novel methods for the analysis of protein-based therapeutics from plasma to analysis of amine metabolites in human samples. The specific topics the theses of the six students were the following:

  • Vladyslav Dovhalyuk – Development of novel approaches to sample preparation methods for quantification of protein therapeutics in plasma samples for preclinical bio-analysis
  • Michał Kaczmarek – Investigating the uptake of organic micropollutants by Pleurotus ostreatus as a model fungus via UPLC-MS/MS
  • Kotchawan Lertchairitthikun – Validation of a robust, reliable and standardized quantitative metabolomic analysis using the Biocrates MxP® Quant 500 kit on a Waters Xevo TQ-S mass spectrometer
  • Anh Hai Vu – A sensitive and selective new method for determination of creatine and creatinine in human urine by supercritical fluid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry (SFC-MS/MS)
  • Petpailin Wiangnak – Feasibility study for direct infusion mass spectrometry of contaminated DNA
  • Zhen Yang – Mass spectrometric analysis of amine metabolites in human samples using chemoselective probes
Defendants of the UU study track of EACH intake 2019 (from left): Vladyslav Dovhalyuk, Anh Hai Vu, Petpailin Wiangnak, Kotchawan Lertchairitthikun, and Michał Kaczmarek (Zhen Yang was not in Sweden).

The defence took place in hybrid conditions and all health and safety rules were followed (see picture above).

Congratulations to all the new EACH graduates and wishing you all the best for your future!

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